Irving Berlin’s Holiday Inn at The Bridewell Theatre

12.11.2023 Vera Lang

Irving Berlin’s Holiday Inn at The Bridewell Theatre

Centre Stage amateur theatre charity brings Irving Berlin’s classic to the stage only for six performances

Holiday Inn is based on the 1942 film of the same name. The musical tells the story of two friends, Jim and Ted, who split up as stage partners and leave the bright lights of the stage to settle down. Jim opens a farmhouse in Connecticut which turns into a Holiday Inn with spectacular shows after she meets Linda, the talented school teacher. But life is more complicated and gives some trouble for the lovers.

Music and lyrics of the show by Irving Berlin, book by Gordon Greenberg and Chad Hodge, directors Tal and Stephen Hewitt, musical director Dominic Veall, choreographers Vanessa Forte & Vaughan Watts, stylist and costume designer Geri Hutyan, technical production Mark Steward, sound design Henry Whittaker, lighting design Chris Taylor & Alok Kumar

The cast will be Joe McWilliam as Jim Hardy, Isabella Jackson as Linda Mason, Navin Nair as Ted Hanover, Hannah Bryant as Lila Dixon, Corin Miller as Louise Badger, Will Garrood as Danny

The cast will be complete with Georgia Stewardson, Kate Winney, Rosie O'Rourke, Tim Garrad,

Darcy Phillips, Mara Grkinic, Miriam Jaffe, Peter Stonnell,

Breeana Gardiner, Pippa Welch, Zsolti Szabo, Ruben Ondo Mesa,

Laura Shields, Becky Thomas, Luke Blacklock, Cristobal Gomez Vera,

Scarlet Chappell, Rhiannon Hill, Francois Vanhoute, Sebastiaan Douma and Will Emery (Dance Captain)

The musical will play at The Bridewell Theatre from 14 November to 18 November




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