Woyzeck premiere in Germany

27.08.2023 Vera Lang

Woyzeck premiere in Germany

The world premiere of the punk rock musical based on the drama and movie of the same name by Georg Büchner Music by Manuel de Rien Book by Oliver Graf Lyrics by Oliver Graf and Manuel de Rien on 2/9 in Theater für Niedersachsen

Franz Woyzeck is a simple soldier who does everything he can to support and feed his Marie and their illegitimate child. He is only insulted and exploited by his captain. In order to improve the financial situation, he makes himself available for an experiment in which he is not allowed to eat anything other than peas. Marie, on the other hand, encounters a drum major with whom she cheats on Woyzeck. Woyzeck, who is increasingly tortured, tormented and ridiculed by the doctor and captain, both mentally and physically, gradually falls into madness ...

With Samuel Jonathan Bertz (Woyzeck), Katharina Wollmann (Marie), Karsten Oliver Wöllm (Captain), Silke Dubilier (Doctor), Daniel Wernecke (drum major), Louis Dietrich (Andres), Elisabeth Köstner (Käthe), Lucía Bernadas Cavallini (non-commissioned officer), Ensemble + Jack Lukas (the voices)

Texts by Georg Büchner, Georg Heym and Georg Taki in English and German with German subtitles. Conductor Andreas Unsicker, directed by Amit Epshtein, stage design by Beata Kornatowska, costume design by Alona Rudnev, choreography by Tatsiana Kupra Kureichyk





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